Life is Bitter Sweet

It's beena hella long time... I didn't think anyone still wrote on here!!
I'm planning on wrtting a book to help girls who come out of high school like i did.. Here's a few of the things that will be in it....

~Pay Attention (This can be applied to numerous aspects of life.)

~Don't go back and forth between choices more than 2 x. It's not necessary.

~Dressing to impress yourself is the best way to feel better about your day, after something bad has happened.

~Never skip meds, regardless of what it is or what it's for. They were perscribed for a reason.

~Always know what's going on.

~Don't forget to step back and breath once in awhile.

~Try not to get ahead of yourself.

~Try not to make excuses for yourself. This may be easier said then done. But ny accepting that you make mistakes instead of making up excuses can help you grow strong, earlier.

~Do not repeatedly tell yourself, "it's the last time" you'll do something, or "this is it," because you just need to go and do it. Quit making promises to yourself you know you wont keep.

~There will be situations where you've 'never felt like this before' and you'll 'never want to feel this way again.'

~Don't lie to yourself. It's just rediculous.

~Strive to see the whole picture. You will always learn something new.

~We are most hurtful to those we love the most. Learn and accomplish being joyful, loving, happy and respectful to all around you. It's called Karma.

~See people for WHO they are and not what you WANT to see them as.

~You will always and forever mean more to people then you will ever know.

~Curiosity can kill you.

~Know your limits.


~Stay strong and when you cannot, remember moments you were the most strong and let them guide and empower you.

~You can never say I love you too much.

~Stop making negative assumptions. It is toxic to your optomism.

~BE the first to make ammends.

~Time can be a brilliant Healer or a devistating Dealer.

~It never seems to fail, that you will want sex the most when you know you shouldn't or can't.

~Know who you can trut with your life.

~Always be true to you. F-A-K-E is never beautiful.

~People you don't even know will try to hurt you. Brush your shoulders off..

~Life gets worse before it gets better.

~Never say, "It can't happen to me."


~Know who the compulsive liars in your life are and stay away from them.

Ok, you get the idea!! Let me know which ones impact you the most!
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so here i am

i'm giving in and letting you all know how i'm doing;
in some people's eyes, i may not be doing so well
I really am though
life is close to being the exact way i want it to!! i'm still alive,
I'm almost done with this semester, bob starts school next semester, milo is feeling better, my new roommates kick ass and are awesome to party with, I'm working a ton of hours and getting major pay checks, i love the holidays, i got my wish that snow would not come until right before christmas (sorry guys), my financial aid came through and i could sign up for next semesters classes, i got into ceramis 3 and have only taken ceramics 1 and not 2 yet, I know i passed all of my classes and bob's brother Zac comes safely home from Iraq and we're picking him up tomorrow.

Not so good stuff: no snow means low feelings like Christmas, bob's childhood dog Punk died 2 days ago, i need to chill out, i've only been getting 1 day off a week, justine's been getting pissed at the boys and bitching to me that the boys have been smoking in the house, no on has RSVPed to my Party Girl Party, when i tried to dye my hair a darker blonde, it turned grey, and i don't like my hair cut.

So really I'm doing great, things are really going well. but i'm tired now and will talk to you all soon. LOVE

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(no subject)

Is it sick that I miss her so much right now??!?! I mean what has she done for me in the past year but forgotten??
I wasn't the greatest friend not in the least but at least when people fuck up, you know they're still human and you love them and still care about them because you have a history.
I've become such a different person then I was in high school that it's scary. I've done things I said I would never do and went places I thought I'd never go and at the same time I'm happier then I ever thought I could be! That's ok right?? I miss my girls soooo much, but time is killing me. too much time passes, schedules get busy and the story starts all over again and people get dropped and forgotten.

best advice i've heard in awhile was, "Do what you need to do to survive."

Lately I've been thinking about what I want to do after Lake Superior College and I'm looking at Marquette Michigan. It's on Lake Superior just the other side and it's new. Bob's been talking about leaving too...
we need to experience somewhere other then Duluth to know the possibilities, yah know. It'd be good for us. ANd if he doesn't come with me, it's be good for us too. either way it's going to work out. No worries. ever.
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Blast from the Past

I had sooo much fun last night.
I wish that some had just as much fun as I did, but..
we can't always get what we want.
i can't wait to develop my pix.
it was so nice being in that atmosphere again.
the lights, the music, the dancing and the people.
You guys are my sunshine.
i shouldn't have been so amused that some people were standing alone, because i've been there too.
but some people et what's coming to them really and that's all i can say.

Quote of the Day:
"I'll speak for you if you had no tongue, just like you'd scream for me, if I had no lungs."

peace love babies, mel
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Quote of the Day

"It's better to have LOVED and LOST then never to have LOVED at ALL!"
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